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1. SmartSense™ Intelligent Heat System
AmperHeat’s intelligent onboard thermostatic controls adapt to the environment you’re in, heating both small and large rooms to warm, even temperatures in minutes.
2. Jet-Stream Ceramic Convection Element
Based on the principles of jet propulsion engines (without the noise), AmperHeat’s bi-ceramic plates create a ‘perpetual heat loop’, vastly increasing heat projection, while reducing energy to lower your bills.
3. Perpetual Heat Loop Technology
Our innovative internal oscillation expands airflow to 170 degrees, heating every room evenly from top to bottom to give you uniform warmth at all times.
The Science Behind AmperHeat’s Perpetual Heat Technology​
Delivering brand new innovations in home heating, Amperheat’s reverse impeller draws in air which passes over a 3 degree airfoil ramp, using the Bernoulli physics principle to create an area of low pressure.
This stimulates warm air from the internal fan filter, which amplifies initial airflow by as much as 12 times, massively increasing heat projection to quickly and evenly warm living spaces of almost any size, heating large living rooms, garages or master bedrooms with ease.
Creating a perpetual heat loop AmperHeat is able to increase heat distribution while vastly improving energy efficiency, giving homes greater warmth for much less money spent.
AmperHeat’s Next-Gen Ceramic System – Quick Heating in 3 Seconds
AmperHeat’s Quad Ceramic plates use breakthrough convection technology to transfer heat at 12 times the speed of regular heating appliances. The huge increase in heat transfer delivers exponential increases in warmth without any increase in energy per KWh. The result is greater warmth for less cost in any home environment
Award Winning Features

Simple to use

AmperHeat effortlessly operates in any room with a simple, one-click operation. It’s SmartSense intelligent heating system allows AmperHeat to circulate warm air across rooms of all shapes and sizes to create the ideal microclimate for any room.

Advanced Safety Features

To truly create the perfect space heater for all homes, we put safety front and centre. In addition to meeting stringent safety standards, our unique TruGuard feature ensures that AmperHeat will power off immediately if the device is accidentally knocked on its side, emitting alert sounds so you can place it upright and continue warming your home in safety.

Adjustable Heat Optimisation

Leave it on Auto-Intelligence settings or fine-tune yourself to find the perfect temperature just for you. Set AmperHeat to automatically turn off or switch settings at your desired time. No need to wake up in the middle of the night to do just that.

Quiet comfort

Even in its highest setting, AmperHeat releases less than 30 decibels of sound, which is one-sixteenth as loud as 70 dB6. This means it’s quieter than a library. At most, that’s just like the white noise around a quiet, sleepy countryside village.

Compact design

AmperHeat’s sleek cylindrical body looks great in any room. Unlike bulky space heaters that take up a lot of room and get in the way, AmperHeat’s smooth, narrow form allows it to conveniently fit into small corners of any room.

Portable Operation

AmperHeat’s compact size and ergonomic carry handle makes it incredibly easy to heat any room, anytime. From living rooms to bedrooms, to garages and sheds – AmperHeat will make sure you’re never left in the cold again.

Low Energy Consumption

Let it run all day or as much as you need it to. Setting new standards in energy efficiency, AmperHeat is specifically designed to provide greater warmth for less cost. It’s exactly why we spent years in development making it, and why we’re so proud of our achievement.

Complete Control For Your Ideal Temperature

Use AmperHeat’s interface to adjust speed, warmth and modes, to ensure the perfect level of temperature just for you.
"My rental apartment’s central heating frequently goes out of action for days at a time, and as a senior in Chicago it’s extremely dangerous in winter. But with AmperHeat I don’t feel like I ever need to worry again. It heats my living room so quickly, and because it’s so cheap to run, I can leave it running in my bedroom at night without worrying about the cost. It’s a godsend for me."
John G.
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Dedicated To Finding The Best Solutions For Families To Stay Warm Through Winter

At AmperHeat, we believe that everyone deserves warm, cosy homes without high fuel costs. That’s why we continue to devote our time and technical expertise to developing simple, fast, and efficient heating products that don’t have you breaking the bank. It’s our own way of helping families stay warm whatever the weather.

Instant Warmth In Any Room While Slashing Your Annual Heating Bills
The most effective way to heat any room in minutes and cut your winter fuel bills.
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