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The Tasty Vitamin Treat That Took Chloe’s Itches and Aches Away. The Tasty Vitamin Chew That Gave Chloe Her Wag Back

What Could This Do For Your Best Furry Friend?
Your Furry Friend’s New Favorite Treat

Did you know that there are special nutrients
that are essential to your dog’s overall
health and mood?

It’s true!  Just like you, your pup has nutritional needs! And though our little doggo buds can’t speak, they tell us exactly what they need… BUT it only works if we know how to read their signs. When Laura saw the signs of her aging Shih Tzu, a rescue named Chloe, she knew it was time to act before it was too late. Chloe was having digestion issues.

On top of that, she was struggling with joint pain and seemed to be less playful.

  • These are just a few of the signs of canine nutrient deficiency
  • As Laura watched Chloe’s health slowly decline, she was completely heartbroken. 
  • She wondered if she just needed to accept these as symptoms of her doggy getting older.

So Laura spent the next four days researching what she could do for Chloe.

“I joke that I spend more time researching my dog’s food, treats, etc, than I do shopping for my own.”

There are so many different doggy vitamins
and supplements out there.

But Laura didn’t know exactly what Chloe needed, and she didn’t want to spend a fortune experimenting with different supplements. What if she bought the wrong formula?  What if Chloe rejected it, just like the rest of the supplements she had tried? Laura was facing a serious dilemma. 

And then FINALLY, she came across Multivitamin Dog Chews from Ready Pet Go! 

  • It was a nutrient-dense multivitamin, deliciously disguised as a delectable dog chew.
  • Laura was thrilled to finally find a supplement with ALL the essentials that Chloe needed—made right here in the USA, in an FDA registered facility. 
  • Best of all – these chews are made with natural ingredients that support holistic canine health. 
  • And even BETTER, Chloe actually liked them!
  • I couldn’t be happier with my choice.” 

As any pet owner would be, Laura was ecstatic to see her precious animal back to her healthy, playful self again. 

“Chloe’s been on the Ready Pet Go multi-supplement for six weeks now, but I could see a change after just a few days. Her tummy troubles have settled out, she scratches (dry skin) less, and her play levels have gone through the roof, back to ruling the roost over my sister’s cockapoo who is at least seven years younger and three pounds heavier.”

But Chloe’s troubles aren’t unique. In fact, millions of dogs suffer from preventable health issues like dry/itchy skin, allergies, joint issues, digestion/constipation, heart disease, coat/heart health…and the list goes on.

Sadly, many of these issues can go on undetected for years, severely impacting your dog’s quality of life.


Ready Pet Go’s Multivitamin Dog Chew was clinically tested and created with a proven “6-In-1 formula” designed to impact every aspect of your dog’s overall health…no matter its breed or size.

I started the dogs on these vitamins on May 13th, and already have seen great improvements in both dogs. The boxer’s coat has become really soft and he has not had itchy ears in a week. I have been able to push out his next allergy shot, saving me extra money and comfort for him.

Awesome treats! My dog love it!! Love the fact that it’s soft compared to other cheaper brands… my yorkie’s dry skin improved big time! And because she’s only 12lbs, a tub will last her for a while!

I love that I can buy 1 product for all three dogs (1 treat for my 65 lb pit bull & my 2 papillons split a treat). My fur-babies love this multivitamin. They remind me everyday when it’s time for their treat.

My 165 Great Dane loves these and thinks he’s getting treats. And he is very picky about any kind of supplements and has refused several other brands. I have these on auto shipment!

I have two dogs. A 30 pound lab/Taiwan mountain dog and a 5 pound chihuahua/unknown. Both dogs love these vitamin treats! They are soft, so they are very easy to break. I give 3/4 to my larger dog and 1/4 to the small one. Works out great! The chihuahua gets dry skin, especially in the summer. Except…not this year! She’s had no problems with scratching and flaking at all! I’m here on Amazon to order another jar! Speaking of jars…these come in a jar with a twist off lid, so they don’t dry out like the ones that come in re-sealable packages. When you close the jar, you know that it’s closed! Love it!!

Common Causes For Doggy Health Issues

While the cause of these health issues can vary, the reason is often found in your dog’s diet.

Surprisingly, many popular dog foods lack vital nutrients, which leaves a LOT of dogs deprived of essential vitamins and minerals. 

That’s why veterinarians are now turning dog owners toward multivitamins that contain these missing essentials. 

Biotin – clinically shown to improve a dog’s coat health

Glucosamine – shown to relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis in dogs when used in conjunction with chondroitin sulfate

B-complex vitamins – work to support your dog’s bladder, kidneys and urinary tract

Coenzyme Q10 and Folic Acid – work together to support cardiovascular function for a healthy heart

Vitamin A and Vitamin C – work together to promote a healthy immune system


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See Why Dog Owners Are Raving
About This Multivitamin Chew

My dog has a very sensitive stomach and a picky eater. She loves these multivitamins and thinks they are a treat. This product is made in the USA and FDA approved and have great ingredients in them. This product is great for all dogs! I would highly recommend them to anyone.


This is probably the greatest multi vitamin I have ever bought for my dog, he just loves the flavor, and it’s great for his coat!


I have an older dog and she had started to lose her hair because of a limited diet she was on. After starting on these vitamins her hair loss totally stopped and she has regained some energy. They’ve been great.


My 10 year old boxer was having some hip pain and mobility issues that were affecting our walks, after just a few days on these vitamins, I’ve noticed a pretty substantial improvement in him. He’s gone through a full bottle now and will be re-ordering.


I love that this multivitamin is combined with glucosamine & Chondroitin for joint support. Not many supplements have that! I am reassured that my dog is getting what he needs. He loves the taste of these and being that he’s small, one container goes a long way.


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